“My Life Down Hill” is the title of Lisa’s book, but is hard to write a book of your glory days when you have the both knees busted in a competition when just become a star.


A romantic drama “Unwritten” is an about a girl that has her life and career trimmed for a tragic accident in a Sky Downhill Tournament, and her lover and ex-coach is trying to help her to put all pieces together again. 
Unwritten is a student project made in term 2. The film has about a 4-minute length, and each student has only six full hours to film the show. The script was pre-written and limited to 4 pages. Actors were from the VFS acting campus and was assigned.


One of the most interesting parts of director's job is to create all the environment for the actors and the camera crew. Whenever I can pre-visualize all the project is easier to find a beautiful balance for a good project.

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