Getting the job done!

United Way Brasil

For a few years in Brazil, United Way Brasil decides to align its communications style with the world brand standards. They had a language challenge because Brazil was the only Portuguese branch at the time. Roger helped to evaluate and develop the whole communication strategy to relaunch the brand with the new board of directors’ goals. The project was: Stationery, Training Brochures, Folders, T-Shirts, Presentation Templates, and Promotional Videos.   

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Casa Outlet Shopping Mall

Roger developed all the graphics and visual communications for the new shopping mall. The Casa Outlet has a warehouse concept, and the idea was to create that repository filling for their customers.   The communication was base on the logo’s colours with simple stickers on the walls to define the visual language. Also, the Images help to inform creating even more the filling of a big warehouse.       The aerial signs Roger uses as a reference a palet keeping the sticker for the letterings and directions. This approach makes the colours be accrued and easy to switch as necessary. Outside, the communication was created to be well visualized by the pass by people from the highway giving easy access to the facility.

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Innovation and Business Magazine

Roger created this magazine to fulfill a marketing gap. It was a business communication opportunity that became an instant success in the São Paulo region. The logo is a mix of the name of the Magazine (Inovação e Negócios “Innovation and Busines”), and at the same time means “IN” as an inside point of view of the most prestigious CEO’s companies in Brazil. The logo was created to mutate edition by edition, creating a stronger connection between the main interview and the magazine. Roger is responsible for the photos, interviews and design for the magazine. Software used: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Lightroom.

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